PVC sewage fittings mold China

China collapsible PVC molds
China collapsible PVC molds

Huangyan mold town is famous for worldwide customers. If you’re new about Huangyan molding, not quite familiar with mold companies here, then this article may help you more or less.

In Huangyan, mold cost differs much, for example one set normal chair mold, from USD15,000 to USD40,000 all can have. Why? let’s calculate, P20 steel cost 10RMB/kg, no heat treatment, no any other machining, only steel cost can be more than USD15,000

Then why those companies still agree to take such order?

Well, it comes to the topic. They change the steel. Continue take chair mold for example, they use 45C instead, which only cost 4.5RMB/kg! Then profit comes! In additionally, machining cost also differs much. Tooling equipment have different levels as we all know.

Anyway, you self thinking because everyone can talk.







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