Kunststoff Entsafter Schimmel


Als führender Multi-Shot-Formenbauer von Huangyan, Spezialist Herstellung von 2-Komponenten-und 3-Komponenten-Formen für weltweite Kunden.

Unsere besonderen Vorteile von zwei Farben Formenbau:

Bi-Spritzguss mit Drehsystem

– Erfahren, um die richtige Lage der farbigen Produkt für zwei Farben einfach und präzise Fugen;

– Austauschbare Struktur von Kern / Hohlraum, um verschiedene Muster von farbigen Produkt zu realisieren;

– Präzisions-Parameter Einstellung von Drehtisch / Drehachse Zwei-Komponenten-Spritzgießmaschine, sorgen für eine ausgezeichnete Ausführung von zwei Farb-Formen.

Zwei Formen mit Spritzguss

Einzigartige Schimmel-Design erfolgreich lösen Ortung Problem der innere farbigen Teil, um zweite Aufnahme-Injektion haben.

Starke Steigerung der Qualität der Produktion, niedrigere Reduktion der defekten Teile.

Wie wir wissen, durch Überformen, ist es Arbeit hängt von Arbeit Hände, die direkt beeinflussen endgültige farbige Produkte.

Wenn Sie noch nach dem guten zwei färben Formhersteller in China suchen, zahlen Sie mehr Aufmerksamkeit zu den Formen haltbar und einfache Wartung, treten mit mir für weitere Einzelheiten in Verbindung.




Can customer use 2 color machine for 1 component mold ?

As we know to get two colored plastics, need two color machine with turntable or standard machine with second injection unit beside. Sure compared to the former, stand machine with second unit beside can be more flexible, to fit both molds for two color and single color.


Above is machine with turntable, also two parallel injection units.


Here is standard machine with second injection unit beside. Very flexible to move the second unit to mold 1 component or 2 component parts.

So how about the turntable machine ? Can customer use it for 1 component mold ?

The answer is yes, but should have two sets molds together manufacturing (two molds for different product OK), must ensure two molds’ height same, otherwise, long time manufacturing may cause machine plates deformation. Or customer only can use one mold, the second only is a dummy, and table must not turn. This can be adjusted by machine program setting.

After meet above conditions, the rest just ensure injection shot weight, etc. items fit, same as single color machine. Just for the existent molds, may need to do some re-machining of mold bottom plates to make it good fixed onto the machine.

Feel free to contact if more question of 2 color molding, China leading multi shot mold maker custom you quality multi molding solution!




How is the molding solution of 2 color flip top?

There are several ways to molding 2 color flip top closures: by rotary table multi component injection machine, which needs machine with turntable.


So any way to molding such flip top by standard machine ?

Sure, but still needs second unit side entry beside the machine, check below picture.


And what will be the mold structure ?

Have to use hydraulic cylinder core pulling, after first color inject, cylinder work to cut off first color overflow into second color area, also after core pulling, then second unit inject. Motor can not replace cylinder here, as motor just keep on rotating, can not realize the limit effect, to prevent first color overflow.

In additionally, mold needs valve gate injection, to realize raw material timing control.

Or there is other way, mold without cylinder if your standard machine no hydraulic core pulling installed: we do the custom the turntable, to good fit with machine to realize rotating.


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toothbrush production line


Toothbrush production line:

two component toothbrush mold

double color injection machine rotary axis

molding auxiliary machinery

toothbrush hair planting tufting machine

blister packing machine

Focare Mould, being top rank China multi shot mold maker, quality custom 2 color mold, three component toothbrush mold. What we think also what we do, all under the consideration of mold durable functioning and easy maintenance. If you share the same mentality with us, please contact us. We’re sincere to invite your first order to check our quality and performance.

3 component toothbrush mold



Toothbrush mold with interchangeable

multi component toothbrush mold maker axis rotary double colour machineChina plastic maker of toothbrush double color mold

mold name: two component mold with interchangeable core for 3 types toothbrushes

mold cavity: 8+8cav

mold injection: 16tips hot runner point gate

mold steel: S136 with hardness HRC42-45

mold ejection: ejector pin

injection machine: 200T Borche two color machine

Check following video to see the mold testing:

Little different from standard axis rotary machine, here Borche machine, second color injecting from the opposite side of operation worker, by a set of injection unit.

We’re the mold company specialist in two color moulding, successfully custom two color molds for Bangladesh, Turkey, India, Egypt, Mexico, etc. Looking forward to your inquiry, I’m sure we can be your another good choice, to get a good mold with competitive cost!




plastic hanger clips


Custom two color peg mold, plastic hanger clips mould

One of the leading mold maker from Huangyan, Focare Mould insist mold design drawing, with quality steel and strictly project tracking management, we promise to offer durable molds easy maintenance!

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inyección del Double-Color

utensilios de cocina de plástico fabricante de moldes de dos colores


China molde de dos colores, inyección del Double-Color, Fabricación De Moldes Para Inyección De Plástico, Moldes Inyección Plástico.

Somos fabricante de moldes de Huangyan, China, experimentó la fabricación de moldes plásticos de dos colores y moldes de dos materiales y dos colores. Hasta ahora, han customed con éxito dos moldes de color para vajilla de plástico, cepillo de dientes, máscara de oxígeno, dar la vuelta tapas superiores, etc.

foto de arriba es de dos moldes de colores más nuevo Customed para LUX Plastik Turquía, para utensilios de cocina de plástico.

¿Que podemos hacer por usted?
idea moderna para el diseño de color de múltiples productos
La innovación de diseño de moldes
mecanizado de precisión asegurar la precisión moldes completos ‘
tiempo de entrega rápida de moldes
ofrecer no sólo un molde sino garantía, buena solución para su proyecto plásticos.

Somos sinceros para comenzar a co-trabajo con usted, así como la amistad.

Estoy aquí siempre para usted!