Factory Workshop

China fabricante plastico molde

mould makers Taizhou

China mold workshop top manufacturer

Workshop clean up everyday, all the tools and parts must be put in order, everything is under very good control and management.

We believe good working environment makes more efficiency,

fasten mold delivery at the same time !


With quality steel, strict heat treatment and quality control,

we promise to offer you quality molds.

We focus on mold drawing, insist making mold durable and easy maintenance !

Chinese mould factory
china mold maker quality mold manufacturer

All spare parts import branded ones,

e.g. JunFan cylinder from Taiwan,  Japan Daido springs and Korea Samsol springs, Brevini hydraulic motor from Denmark,etc. To avoid some stupid mistakes happen. 

High speed and precision CNC machining to reach 0.02mm

Chinese molds
Machining workshop

All of our molds, we make standard mold base,

to ensure complete molds’ accuracy.

At the same time, greatly shorten mold delivery. 

We’re sincere to invite your first order, to see our quality and performance !


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