Flip top cap mold unscrew demoulding


product name: flip top cap 

product info: 3.6grams & 26mm neck dia.

plastic material: PP

mold cavity: 8cav

mold injection: 2 tips hot runner to submarine gate

mold dimension: 845*410*530mm

cycle time: 16s

Check following mold testing video:

Hydraulic cylinder drive the rack structure, to realize flip top cap unscrewing demoulding.

While by oil motor, core rotating at the same time unscrewing, products need to float up to realize demoulding, so can be faster cycle while with hydraulic cylinder, mold more stable manufacturing for future long time!

Different cap mold construction design to match customers’ requirement! Anyway, if you’re still looking for the good mold maker China, we can be your another good choice.

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dos colores flip tapa superior del molde


Si usted todavía está buscando el bien del tirón molde tapa superior, molde de la tapa de dos colores en Chine, por favor no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo.

Insistimos en el diseño de la estructura del molde y la calidad del acero, que ofrecemos no sólo el moho pero garantía. Haciendo el molde vivo de mantenimiento duradero y fácil.

Con experiencia técnica y los servicios, con la comunicación útiles para satisfacerle!

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flip top cap mold shampoo bottles



Flip top caps for shampoo bottle

Flip top cap size: 56*52*27mm

Flip top cap weight: 4.57g

Flip top cap material: PP

Mold name: 8 cavities flip top cap mold

Mold size: 500*400*505mm

Mold weight: 621kg

Mold injection: 8 tips hot runner

Core/ cavity: S136H with hardness HRC 45-48

Mold dedlivery: 60 days

Lucia      focaremould@yahoo.com

Flip top cap mold in close moulding


Experience supply flip top cap mold/closure mold in close molding,

equipped with unscrewing demoulding by servo motor.

Strong and beautiful butterfly precision custom, to realize in mold close automatic. Multi cavity high speed injection molding, achieve your large output manufatcuring requirement.

Please contact focaremould@yahoo.com for new flip top cap molds inquiry, flip top cap in two color mold design

Lucia H.

buy flip top cap mold China supply|butterfly closure mould

shampoo bottle flip top cap mold
shampoo bottle flip top cap mold

Above picture of flip top cap sample is we made mold before.

For example this cap, due to inclined plane of the injection location,
after long term manufacturing, hot runner will cause the surface around injection gate sunken, no good appearance looking, neither no good for mold guarantee lifetime.

Above all, suggest cold runner.

If you plan to start new projects of high speed flip top cap molding,

still looking for the good butterfly closure mold factory in China, we can be your another good choice. Contact with me for more details what we can do for your cap molding.

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shampoo bottle flip top cap mold China supply


Offer flip top cap mold, flip top cap mould, closure mold for shampoo bottles, medical bottle, cosmetic bottles, etc. Experience in flip top closure mould unscrewing demoulding, unscrew cap molds with high speed injection molding.

2316 or S136 suggested as core n cavity

We suggest the most suitable steel for each mold components with right hardness achieved. Good quality and real steel used, to ensure mold accuracy and excellent performance.

Unique flip top cap mold design, precision machining, strictly dimension control,

we always try our best to help custom you the best cap molding solution!

Contact with me for more tech details.

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flip top cap mould with unscrewing demoulding


specialized in multi-cavity flip top cap mould, flip top closure molds, auto-closed flip top cap mould,auto-closed flip top closure mold, shampoo flip top cap mould/closure mold, comestic flip top cap mould/closure mold, water bottle flip top cap mould, medical flip top cap mould.

We have an innovative mould designer workteam could design the best flip top cap mould structure for our customer  which could help to reach fast cycle time and increase the production.

Specialized in flip top cap mold with unscrewing demoulding.

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