rattan bowl mold double colored

China rotational mold multi color plastic kitchenwares

China double color component mould factory rattan tablewares

Innovation is key for the future of mold making companies,

no matter plastic part design also mold structure design.

For example multi colored parts, nowadays still not so widespread in many countries, but sure will be the trend! Trend to open a new colored market to catch people’ eyes. Mold maker should have good taste of modern design, to share customer good ideas to win the market.

Anyway, if you interest in double color/ multi component mold project, plan to start new, or any suggestion, feel free to contact me. Rich experience in two color mold making, I’d love to share what I know.



Rattan mold laundry baskets

rattan basket mold collapsible
rattan mold
weaved laundry basket mold collapsible
rattan mold

How to make quality rattan molds?

How to do the mould rattan design?

What should be paid attention to during rattan mold machining?

If you plan to start a new plastic rattan project, if you’re still looking for the good rattan mold maker China, please contact me! Will share details you.

Above pictures are mold for rattan laundry baskets for Bangladesh client.



Rattan chair mold design


Quality offer rattan chair mold, table mold, stool mold, etc. Various furniture molds.

– Maximum cooling, straight to chair surface to achieve excellent cooling performance;

– Wear plates with hardness HRC45 above added maximum, guarantee long life chair mold without flash problem;

– To prevent rough parting line neither sharp edge of chair, we do not allow workers hand tooling to touch part line area!

– Light weight but with strong strength, gas assistant chair mold with air molding system professional custom!



Rattan chair mold interchangeable



Offer rattan chair mold, cane chair mold armless, weaved chair mold table moldplaited chair mold

Under quality steel, strict and suitable heat treatment, precision CNC machining and quality dimension control, we promise offer you the best rattan chair molds with quality and delivery. 




Sell table mold furniture mould



Offer various type furniture molds.

  • offer chair mould: rattan design chair mold, gas assistant chair mold air injection, beach chair mold, armless chair mold, stadium mold, baby chair mold, bar chair moulds, etc.
  • offer table mould, popular design custom.

New mold inquiry, please contact focaremould@yahoo.com

Lucia H.

rattan design basket mould| laundry basket moulds maker


Popular modern rattan design of basket molds, laundry basket moulds

Also offer rattan design for chair mould, flower pot mold, etc.

Welcome your new enquiry!



flowerpot mold plant pot molds

flower pot mold, gardenware mold
flowerpot mold plant pot molds china