double color die moulds dinner plate|2K mold service trays



Focare Mould, being the top rank China two color molds maker, quality offer double color die moulds dinner plate, 2k mould service trays bi injection, bi color service plate mold, two shot dinner trays with table rotary two color injection machine to realize the precision two color molding! Multi component parts moulding / manufacturing will be able to be offered! 

How to get a quality two color mold??

  • Well, the first should be the product design, as we all know it is the base to start the project! A good product designer should know how the two component materials will flow, to avoid any over flow or shrinkage problem in the future molding process!
  • Second should be the mold design! Experienced mold designer should correct and precision choose the location of two materials melting! In additionally, should design the multi color mold to make it durable and easy adjustment! As we all know, many countries will be very difficult to handling the mold modification! Also time is money especially for the production! So to have the mold easy maintenance for long time manufacturing is the key!
  • Here comes the turn of the steel machining! CNC machine has many different levels to its precision quality, also the mold cost will be differs great much from this step. Anyway to get a precision two shot mold, should use the high speed CNC, for example HAAS from USA, to reach 0.02mm!
  • And the finally should be all the spare parts that used! For example O-rings, springs, hydraulic cylinder, etc. As we know for example some Huangyan locally springs, after it stretch but it can not be able to compress back again! It is really ridiculous! So branded spare parts should be used to avoid such stupid mistakes happen!

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double color mold maker China ice box die


Focare Mould, China top two color mold maker, quality offer bi shot ice cube box die, double color ice tray mould, portable icebox bi color mold, ice storage box moulds 2K, two shot molds ice cube tray.

Our advantages:

  • With our good aesthetic of modern life, we help our customers to choose and custom the popular designs of products, also care with the feeling of end customers using. As we know especially for plastic housewares, good looking will be the key to attract customers’ eyes, and then will win customers heart by its good usage!
  • Experienced to choose the right location of two colors jointing, to ensure the final two colored products’ precision. Innovation two color mold design, to guarantee your 2K moulds durable and easy maintenance!
  • High speed CNC to reach 0.02mm, to ensure double colour molds’ accuracy!
  • Taiwan brand FCS rotary table machine & Ningbo Beston axis rotary machine for the molds testing, their excellent performance of multi color jointing and fast response guarantee our two color moulds in quality and delivery.
  • We’re able to offer the two colors parts production / manufacturing services!

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two color jug mold jar over molding


Product dimension: 141.7 X 196.8 X 231mm

Product weight: first color 191g, while second color 54.4g

Raw material: PS

Steel: core/cavity H13 with hardness HRC45-48

Gate: 1 tip hot runner point gate

Mold dimension: 550 X 450 X 570mm

Mold weight: 776kg

Injection machine: HT350T

We Focare Mould Co.,Ltd. specialized in high precision two color mold making.

We invest in top quality rotary table two component injection molding machine from Taiwan Fu Chun Shin FCS group.

Excellent performance of multi color jointing, fast response,

the latest and precision equipment guarantee our bi color molds in quality and delivery.

Making our double injection molding Turnkey solution complete and successfully.

Let us being the leading two color mould maker in Taizhou Huangyan mold town.


Silicon collapsible food storage box mold 2K


China mold company Focare Mould, located in Huangyan mold town, professional offer various types kitchenware molds.

Expert in two component kitchenware mould making, quality offer 2k molds silicon collapsible lunch bento box, folding food containers mold two color, foldable storage box mold multi shot!

To make easy mold durable, there must be something. Also it is what we insist and pay much more attention on the mold construction: make molds long lifetime manufacturing and easy maintenance. Take good care of your mold, also a good solution help you developing market of molded plastics.

Pls contact me for the details of two shot molds, to make you believe our capabilities!


China flip top cap two color moulding


Focare Mould quality offer two color mold bottle flip top caps, bi color flip top closure, multi color multi plastic mould flip top caps and closures.

Professional custom:

Being leading two color mold maker from Huangyan mold town, we Focare Mould specialist manufacturing 2 component molds for worldwide customers.

– Experienced to choose the right location of two colors easy and precision jointing of the colored part;

– Unique bottle flip top caps in two color moulding designs, ensure your mold durable and easy maintenance for future long time manufacturing!

– Precision parameters setting of table rotary/ axis rotary two color machine, ensure excellent performance of two color molds.

Welcome your new inquiry of 2K flip top cap molds, we’re always here ready to service you!


2K moulds rubber window cleaner

plastic glass wiper mold bi shot

two color mold plastic and rubber window cleaner

Focare Mould quality offer 2K moulds for rubber window cleaner, shower squeegee clear two color mold, bi color mold glass wall cleaner die, two shot shower wiper TPR glass scraper,  die moulds window cleaning squeegee multi injection!


Mold name: 2K brush handle

Product dimension: 21.2 X 28.9 X 108.9mm

Product weight: first color 19.7g, second color 3.9g

Mold cavity: 4+4cav

Mold injection: 8 tips hot runner point gate

Mold steel: core /cavity Nimax/2738HH with hardness HRC34-37

Mold dimension: 900 X 600 X 546mm

Injection machine: FCS 280R


Mold name: 2K window cleaner

Product dimension: 201.5 X 207.66 X 59.5mm

Product weight: first color 30.9g, second color 6g

Mold cavity: 4+4cav

Mold injection: 10 tips hot runner

Mold steel: core/cavity 718H with hardness HRC30-33

Mold dimension:900 X 710 X 441mm

Injection machine: FCS 280R

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Bi color mold cosmetic jar cap die

two color cosmetic jar lid die

two color mold cosmetic jar lid

Mold name: 300ml two color cosmetic jar cap mold 

Plastic material: PP+PP

Product dimension: dia. 95.6 *19.4mm

Product weight: first color 9.8g, second color 14.8g

Mold cavity: 4+4

Mold injection: 8 tips hot runner point gate

Mold steel: core/cavity S136 with hardness HRC45-48

Mold dimension: 880*500*575mm

Injection machine: CLF 285T two color machine

We Focare Mould Co.,Ltd. leading by boss from Taiwan, who dedicates his entire life into international trading of plastic injection mold making. Focare Mould being his second factory in China mainland, while the first located in Taiwan.

We focus on two color mold construction design, all designers have 10 more years professional experience.

Invited precision mold maker from Guangdong, being our factory manager, strictly control bi shot molds accuracy and delivery.

Experienced sales engineer and technical engineer, guarantee services of your mold custom before & after.

Sincerely welcome your new inquiry of 2K molds, to see thus to believe what we can do for you!