Flip top cap mold unscrew demoulding


product name: flip top cap 

product info: 3.6grams & 26mm neck dia.

plastic material: PP

mold cavity: 8cav

mold injection: 2 tips hot runner to submarine gate

mold dimension: 845*410*530mm

cycle time: 16s

Check following mold testing video:

Hydraulic cylinder drive the rack structure, to realize flip top cap unscrewing demoulding.

While by oil motor, core rotating at the same time unscrewing, products need to float up to realize demoulding, so can be faster cycle while with hydraulic cylinder, mold more stable manufacturing for future long time!

Different cap mold construction design to match customers’ requirement! Anyway, if you’re still looking for the good mold maker China, we can be your another good choice.

Two color mold design flip top cap,

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molde de PVC de China

molde de PVC de China

Profesional oferta tubo de molde apropiado, PVC calidad moldes plegables y entrega rápida.

Nuestras ventajas de moldeo de PVC:

– Todos nuestros moldes, que hacen que la base del molde estándar para asegurar la precisión moldes de ajuste ‘
– Completar molde mecanizado de alta velocidad de fresado CNC, para asegurar una alta precisión
– Superficie de la línea de partición prohibido tocar por los trabajadores.
– Buena calidad y el uso real de acero.
Estamos estrictamente comprobamos aceros vez que obtenemos de proveedor, para cumplir con nuestro estándar.
– Calidad utilizan piezas de repuesto, todas las importaciones de Japón / Taiwán.
p.ej. JuFan cilindro hidráulico de Taiwán.
Incluso una junta tórica, nos misma importación de Taiwán, para que lleve mucho más alta temperatura y presión.

A partir de pequeños detalles, se puede ver que hacemos moldes de memoria.
No sólo es responsable de su tubería de plástico, también para que poseemos, nos esforzamos por la excelencia.


Unscrewing cap mold with slide core collapsible



4 cavities mold for ABS pepper caps

Unscrewing demoulding with collapsible core system 

At the same time, mold interchangeable for 3 sizes holes (for peppers drop off)

Mold injection by cold runner submarine gate, and check above mold design, cavity sliders for collapsible core, will be moved by springs inside, while Japan Daido branded springs used!

For unscrewing system, gears we do heat treatment reach hardness HRC29-33, Denmark Brevini hydraulic motor quality used!

Also independent structure of core inserts, ensure easy maintenance!

To have molds durable functioning is the key! That’s our mentality also what we insist on mold design drawing! Check following mold pictures, see maximum wear plates add on mold core with hardness HRC45 above.



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unscrew plastic mould caps



As one of our featured projects, Focare Mould professional supply multi cavity high precision cap molds.

Successfully custom 8cavities flip top cap mold in close molding for shampoo bottles;

two colored medical cap mold rotary;

unscrewing mold with collapsible cores for pepper caps, etc.

Precision high speed molding to save your time, reach your output and fast gain your profits on investment.

Feel free to contact for new inquiry, personality custom quality closure mold. Care your plastic packaging.



unscrewing molds China|unscrewing ejection cap mould maker

unscrewing mold china
unscrewing ejection cap mold maker china

Specialized in custom various types of cap molds, closure molds. Offer you top quality plastic cap injection molding solution, eg, automatic unscrewing ejection cap molding, two color bi-injection cap moulding, auto close flip top closure molding, etc.

Unique mold design which ensure closure mould excellent performance!

2316 or S136 for core and cavity steel, to have cap mould with long lifetime and durability.

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